Semi-Private Custom Training

The team at ISP is dedicated to provide you the latest cutting edge baseball performance training options to help you maximize your performance and prevent injury. 

We have helped athletes from youth to the pros, and incorporate the same sports performance and recovery trianing that is used by most MLB teams. 

We provide everyting you need for baeball performance training, and work with the top coaches and facilities to provide a team approach to your development.

Who we have helped

We work with anyone motivated to become their best self — from busy moms to blue collar workers; business executives to fitness enthusiasts; athletes of all levels and all sports including:

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How We Can Help?

We offer programs and services that help enhance performance, return from injury, prevent injury, and further develop your sport specific skill set.

Our Philosophy.

We take a joint by joint approach to your movement and believe the body has an alternating pattern of mobility and stability. These principals are critical for delivering a powerful pitch or driving the ball.

Our elite assessment looks at your movement, strength, and sport specific skills. Then we design a program to address your weaknesses, optimize performance, and return you from injury better than before.

Baseball/Softball Injury Rehab and Prevention

We have extensive training and experience geared towards assessing and treating the unique sport specific demands of baseball and softball players. 

  • Our providers are certified OnBaseU providers. Which allows us to provide elite level assessment, rehab, and performance training to our athletes.
  • We provide a sport specific evaluation of your injury that allows us to prevent sore arms from becoming bigger injuries down the road.
  • We can determine if an inefficiency in your movement could be leading to your decrease in performance or reoccurring injury.
  • If it is an injury that we think requires more than our rehab, we have great relationships with the best orthopedic doctors in the area that understand baseball/softball players the best.
  • We take a team approach to getting you back on the field as fast as possible, meaning we incorporate your coaches, mentors, doctors, and whoever else you want involved to give you the best outcomes possible. 
  • We utilize the best rehab and recovery protocols that the pros use to not only return you from injury, but keep you injury free. 

OnBaseU Certified

OnBaseU Certified Expert

Dr. Mike is the only actively certified OnBaseU DC in Des Moines.

We utilize the OnBaseU screen to assess for any physical limitations that may be hindering an athletes speed, power, and overall throwing/hitting performance. The assessment will address your movement , mobility, flexibility, strength, and power. Based on the assessment we then put together a plan to overcome these limitations and get you performing your best on the field!

We take a team approach with our athletes and incorporate your hitting/pitching coach, strength coach, and whoever else is involved in your development. This gets everyone on board and moving in the right direction to ensure the best possible outcomes for the athletes. 

We offer individual and team assessments. We also work with many facilities, high schools, and colleges in the area and perform the assessments there. 

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