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Elite Level Chiropractic Care

We provide elite level chiropractic care, rehab, sports performance, and physician-guided adult fitness designed to help you break free from pain and perform your best. Are you ready?

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Too many people in the Des Moines area deal with the frustrations of nagging pain and injury.
Our goal is to get you to perform your best with the most individualized care. At Iowa Spine and Performance we educate and empower our patients to achieve their goals in life, sport, and work.

Live Your Best Life By Feeling Your Best

How Chiropractic Can Boost Your Performance
Get Better, Faster
Get Better, Faster
Get out of pain and return to improving strength and performance with treatment and our individualized rehab programs
Personalized care
Personalized care
We understand that no two people are alike, and your injury deserves a personalized plan.
Education to stay active and prevent future injury
Education to stay active and prevent future injury
We provide you the knowledge to keep you in the game prevent future injury
You Deserve to Live Free of Pain and Injury
We use a multi-modal approach to get you out of pain and back in the game.

We believe that the best care is a combination of  the multiple treatment options we offer. Whether it's an adjustment, manual therapy, or functional rehab exercises we make sure you get the best to get you feeling your best. 

Here's what to expect during a visit with us:

  • A thorough assessment of your injury 
  • An adjustment and manual therapy to restore proper motion and reduce pain 
  • Personalized rehab program designed to improve movement and increase strength/performance
  • A one-on-one appointment with the doctor to assure the best care possible 
  • We educate and empower you with the knowledge to take control of your health and prevent further injury 
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It's Time To Put That Nagging Injury Behind You

Here's our simple process
Schedule An Appointment
Schedule An Appointment
Book online, text, or call — we're here to help!
Get Your Personalized Treatment Plan
Get Your Personalized Treatment Plan
We create a plan specific to you, your needs, and your goals
Feel Great Again
Feel Great Again
Regain confidence, greater strength, and excitement as you return to the life you deserve

Our Unique Approach

We offer the most comprehensive approach to healthcare. Our Multi-Modal approach to your health gets you back to your best faster than any one specific treatment option.
Our Care Is Hands-On
Our Protocols Are Evidence-Based
Our Care Is Patient Centered
The proof is in our amazing track record of results + outcomes
We work with anyone looking to become their best self.

If you're a:

  • Busy parent 
  • Blue collar worker
  • Business executive
  • Fitness enthusiast
  • Weekend warrior
  • Athlete of any level, any sport
  • Anybody with a body

...we can help you break free from pain and achieve optimal health.

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Don't Let That Nagging Pain Hold You Back From Living Your Best Life!
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